Guided breathing – Guide your breathing according to your heart rate setting zone. Vibration helps you align each exhale & inhale with the guide – so you can get the most out of your breathing experience.
Weather Display – Displays weather for the day and the next two days to help you plan better.
Monitor heart rate – Use the real-time heart rate display to reach your fitness goal. Set your heart rate low to burn fat or keep it high to increase stamina!!!
Cardio fitness level – Track your overall cardiovascular fitness. Strive continuously to increase fitness!!!
Multiple sport mode – Each sport you perform results in different energy utilization. Calories burnt when doing yoga is less than when playing football. Track the accurate calories you burn by selecting the sport on your wristband.
Connect GPS – Connect mobile GPS and check sport tracking. Sport tracking chart, sporting rate and sporting distance can be seen in APP.

Minimum order quantity: 5